Adderley Ceramics Brown Betty Teapots MADE IN ENGLAND

Adderley Ceramics Brown Betty Teapots MADE IN ENGLAND

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Enjoy your brew as the British do! 

This handmade traditional Brown Betty Teapot is crafted from red clay and beautifully finished in a special glaze which helps to make a better brew and also facilitates longer heat retention.

It is manufactured at Adderley Ceramics.

  • Made in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England.
  • The back stamp under the teapot base reads: “Original Betty, Made in England, Adderley Ceramics.”
  • The “Union Jack” shown is a removable sticker.

Please Note: These Brown Betty teapots are a natural product, manufactured using traditional methods; By the nature of the original Betty Teapot Design, do not place them on any heat sources! For example, a tea cosy, left on stove tops or Arga-type stovetops. Also, Betty Teapots are not designed to be placed/used in microwaves or dishwashers. For optimal care, please only rinse the pot with warm soapy water.

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