1022CC Barmah Squashy Bronco - Chocolate

1022CC Barmah Squashy Bronco - Chocolate

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Barmah Hats Squashy Bronco is one of their best selling styles, popular all over the globe!

Fullgrain cattle leather with a rustic oil & wax finish. Designed to look old when new.

Featuring Barmah Hats original Cooper Crossing hat band.

  • Vintage oiled / waxed finish 
  • Front Brim: 3 ¼" (8 cm)
  • Side Brim: 2 ¾” (7cm) 
  • Eyelets 
  • Waterproof leather 
  • Softie Sweat band 
  • 50+ UV Protection 
  • Lightweight 
  • Coopers Crossing hatband 
  • Fully Foldable 
  • Calico Bag supplied
  • Colours: Chocolate or Hickory 

Model #1022CC

Chin straps are extra

How To Find Your Size

Follow these instructions to find your head size:

1. Use a fabric measuring tape (or dressmakers tape) to measure the circumference of your head.

2. Place the tape roughly 10mm above your ears - see image for guide.

Now you have your head measurement!

Select your hat size from the tables below.
Note: It’s best to select a hat size that has an Inner Crown slightly larger than your head size.

Hat Size

Inner Crown Size







X Large


XX Large



Please visit the Australian Barmah Hats website for information on how to care for a leather hat: Caring for Leather Hats - Care Instructions — Barmah Hats Australia.

How to fold a Barmah Leather Hat by Hats by The 100:

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